What are the Statsomat apps?


➲ Interactive webpages, created with RStudio® and Shiny®

➲ Upload your data and let the app crunch the statistics

➲ Download a data analysis report for your dataset

➲ Interpretation in plain English by case included

➲ R code to just copy, paste and learn included

➲ Free for datasets up to 2500 observations, 25 variables and 1000 KB

➲ No registration required


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Descriptive Statistics

Descriptive Statistics

Correlation & Association


Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Principal Components Analysis

Principal Components Analysis

Descriptive statistics and graphics. Exploratory data analysis report containing histograms, box-plots, bar-plots, pie-plots etc. for continuous and categorical variables with the R programming language. R Code included. 

Unsure which correlation measure to use? Ask this app. Pairwise correlation & association analysis for approximately continuous variables. Scatterplots, interpretation in plain English and R Code included. 

Struggling with the interpretation of Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA)? Try this app. Single-group, first-order CFA for approximately continuous variables. Interpretation in plain English and R Code included. 

Struggling with the coding and interpretation of a Principal Components Analysis (PCA)? Try this app for approximately continuous variables. Interpretation in plain English by the FactoInvestigate package and R Code included. 





Statsomat.com is a new label of Rey Analytical Research, a consultancy company for statistics, machine learning and Data Science from Leverkusen, Germany. Over the last 15 years, we had hundreds of consultancy projects for statistical data analysis or R programming. While every project is unique, statistically analysing data with R and interpreting the results means many processing steps are repeated. We believe that large parts of the classical data analysis – including the interpretation of the results – can be digitized and made available to the public. Consequently, we have developed web applications tailored towards solving data analytical and R programming questions in an automated manner and started Statsomat.com. The first apps are ready to go. More apps will follow soon. 

We would kindly appreciate your feedback to improve our apps. You can also go to our GitHub repository for bug reports or feature requests.