What are the Statsomat apps?


➲ Apps for automated data analysis, interpretation and explanation

➲ Upload your data and let the app crunch the statistics

➲ Download your data analysis report

➲ Interpretation in plain English included

R code to copy and paste included

➲ Free for datasets up to 5000 observations, 25 variables and 5000 KB

➲ No registration required

➲ Created with RStudio® and Shiny®



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Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

Descriptive Statistics

Correlation & Association


Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Principal Components Analysis

Principal Components Analysis

Exploratory data analysis report containing univariate descriptive statistics and graphics: Histograms, box-plots, bar-plots, pie-plots etc. for continuous and categorical variables with the R programming language. R Code included. 

Unsure which correlation measure to use? Pearson, Spearman or even Distance Correlation? Ask this app. Pairwise correlation & association analysis for approximately continuous variables. Scatterplots, interpretation in plain English and R Code included. 

Struggling with the interpretation of Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA)? Try this app. Single-group, first-order CFA for approximately continuous variables with the R package lavaan. Interpretation in plain English and R Code included. 

Struggling with the coding and interpretation of a Principal Components Analysis (PCA)? Try this app for approximately continuous variables. Interpretation in plain English by the FactoInvestigate package and R Code included. 




Statsomat is a new nonprofit company with the aim of developing, collecting and maintaining open-source and web-based apps for automated data analysis, interpretation and explanation to help applied researchers and Data Science learners all over the world.

If you are an applied researcher or a Data Science learner unfamiliar with data analysis or programming, you can use the Statsomat apps directly in the browser to generate automated data analysis reports. Classic statistical data analysis and Data Science questions are handled by the apps in a similar way as by a human. The reports contain tables, graphics, an interpretation in plain English and the code to run the analysis by yourself.

If you need a quick help with your data analysis or with programming, then check the Statsomat apps. You will be surprised.


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