These Terms of Use govern your access to and use of and the offered online services, the “apps”.  These Terms of Use limit liability and obligations to you and impose certain obligations on you and provide you with other important information with respect to the provision and use of the website and the online services, the “apps”.

The apps offered by enable users to upload data in form of CSV files and to download automatically generated reports in form of a PDF file. We do no guarantee the 100% availability of the services. The services respectively the number of concomitant users per app are limited by technical restrictions. You are not allowed to use the apps for any illegal purpose, or in violation of any laws (including without limitation data, privacy, and export control laws).

The report

The report generated by an app can but does not have to include the following items:

  • Statistical, numerical outputs and graphics for an uploaded data based on R or Python
  • R or Python programming code
  • Interpretation of data analysis in human-readable natural language
  • Description of applied methods and of R resp. Python packages and functions
  • References

The content of the report is generated by using the R programming language or Python. R and Python are open-source and come with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. Consequently, the apps come with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. liability is limited by the usage of the R or Python programming language. Nevertheless, assures that the content of the report shall be generated in a highly professional manner and in accordance with the industry standards.

Numerical results contained in the downloadable report may differ from those which you generate locally, since execution takes place in different technical environments. In some cases, results are not reproducible from session to session because of different seeds for random generators.

There may exist dataset cases for which the apps do not deliver any report (if the sample size is too small or other app conditions are not satisfied etc.)

The automatic computation and interpretation delivered by the Statsomat apps should not completely replace the classical, made by humans graphical exploratory data analysis and statistical analysis. There may be data cases for which the Statsomat does not deliver the most optimal solution or output interpretation.

The uploaded data

Only data prepared as described in the instructions of the apps and uploaded will enable meaningful statistical outputs. We do not guarantee that the apps will identify and represent your language i.e. characters of your data correctly in the report. Currently supported languages for some apps are mainly Latin, Greek and Cyrillic and are limited by the fira sans.

Technical background and legal implications

The online services, the apps offered by are hosted by RStudio’s Consequently, when you use the apps of, you are using also the RStudio Service. Therefore, you are entering into a legally binding agreement with RStudio and you agree to the RStudio Service Terms of Use, the RStudio Website Terms of Use, the RStudio Acceptable Use Policy and the RStudio Privacy Policy.

Storage of the uploaded data and the report

The access to the apps is always SSL encrypted. The uploaded data and the generated report are never shared to others. The uploaded data and the generated report are stored only temporarily and deleted automatically and irrevocably at the end of an application instance. The storage is a also an issue of RStudio’s policy. Please refer to the RStudio Service Terms of Use and the documentation for more details.

Other documents

By agreeing to these Terms of Use, you are also agreeing to the Privacy Policy and you are also considering the Notices.

General terms

We may revise the Term of Use at any time.